School Policies

NCEA Levels 1-4


 Assessments will be carried out within class time whenever possible.

 Adequate notice of assessments will be given, a minimum of two weeks.


All assessment work must be the student’s own work.

Where evidence indicates that work submitted is not a student’s own work, a not achieved grade will be awarded.

 Allowing other students to have access to your work may result in a not achieved grade being awarded.

Late work

 All assessments must be handed in on the due time and date.

 Any late work submitted without prior consultation will receive a not achieved grade.

Missed Assessment

 In the case of an illness or accident a student will be required to provide a note or medical certificate.

When a student is absent for a genuine reason on the day of an assessment, they will be given the opportunity to carry out the assessment task on their return to school.

If a student is involved in a school activity ,an EOTC slip must be signed by the teacher in charge of the activity. The student must bring this slip to class on their return.

If a student is absent for an invalid or unexplained reason they will receive a not achieved grade. No further assessment opportunities will be offered to them.

Further assessment opportunities

 One further assessment opportunity may be offered in some standards.

Recording of Results

All marked assessment tasks will be returned to students so that the marking may be checked. The teacher will then retain these tasks.

 Students will receive a copy of their results that they will check, verify, sign and return to the teacher.

Students will be encouraged to regularly check their results and standard entries on the NZQA website to ensure that they are correct.


 Students should discuss with their teacher any genuine concerns they have with the conditions or marking of an assessment task.

If the situation is not resolved, the student may make a written appeal to the HOD within three days of the student receiving their marked assessment task.

If the student is dissatisfied with the outcome, then they may make an appeal to the Principal’s Nominee within seven days of the student receiving the marked assignment.

 If necessary the student may make an appeal to the Principal.

Derived Grades

 Students who are prevented from sitting NCEA external examinations may apply for a derived grade.

 Tests and examinations during the year will be used to generate the derived grades.

 A derived grade cannot be awarded if a student has not completed tests and school examinations.

Disruptive Behaviour

Disruptive behaviour which impacts on other students’ ability to complete assessment tasks may result in a not achieved grade being awarded.