Our Staff

Here you will find a list of our Staff.

PhotoStaff NameRoleEmailArea
Mr A MunroPrincipalmo@matcol.nzSenior Leadership
Miss S van WaaijenburgDeputy Principalvw@matcol.nzSenior Leadership
Ms F MathewsDeputy Principalmt@matcol.nzSenior Leadership
Mr A MaeheDeputy Principalmh@matcol.nzSenior Leadership
Mrs J AdamsEnglishad@matcol.nzHeads of Learning
Mr G CraigTechnologycg@matcol.nzHeads of Learning
Mrs W DavidsonPEda@matcol.nzHeads of Learning
Mr N DeoMathematicsde@matcol.nzHeads of Learning
Mr D FreemanTotara Learning Centrefm@matcol.nzHeads of Learning
Ms N McBeanArts / Languagesmb@matcol.nzHeads of Learning
Mr N PettigrewSciencept@matcol.nzHeads of Learning
Mrs K WilsonSocial Sciencesws@matcol.nzHeads of Learning
Ms L AblettFood Technologyab@matcol.nzTeachers in Charge
Mrs A Autridge-HughesLearning Supportah@matcol.nzTeachers in Charge
Ms L Adams-O'RileyTourismam@matcol.nzTeachers in Charge
Miss L AtkinsMusicat@matcol.nzTeachers in Charge
Mr P BillinghamDigital Technologybl@matcol.nzTeachers in Charge
Mr R ChandAgriculture/Horticultureca@matcol.nzTeachers in Charge
Miss E ClaassenAccountingcl@matcol.nzTeachers in Charge
Mr S FullickWood Technologyfl@matcol.nzTeachers in Charge
Ms R KrielMedia Studieskr@matcol.nzTeachers in Charge
Mrs Florence LyonsFrenchln@matcol.nzTeachers in Charge
Mrs P OsborneDesign & Visual Communicationos@matcol.nzTeachers in Charge
Mrs M PriestTextile Designpr@matcol.nzTeachers in Charge
Mrs J RogersonVisual Artrg@matcol.nzTeachers in Charge
Mr A SkipworthHealthsk@matcol.nzTeachers in Charge
Mrs J SydneyTe Reo Maaorisy@matcol.nzTeachers in Charge
Miss K SteffertBiologysf@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Miss T YoungScienceYU@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Ms L AblettYear 9 Deanab@matcol.nzDean
Mr M RedwoodYear 10 Deanro@matcol.nzDean
Mrs J SydneyY11 Deansy@matcol.nzDean
Mr D BennisonY12 Deanbi@matcol.nzDean
Mr A KilhamY13 Deanki@matcol.nzDean
Mrs J AllisonTeacher Englishas@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Miss E ConchieHistoryCO@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Mr D BennisonPhysical Educationbi@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Miss P DuncanSciencedu@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Mrs J GoldsmithMathematicsgs@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Mrs S HooperDigital Technologyhe@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Mr M HillsPhysical EducationHL@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Mr A KilhamMathematicski@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Ms K LawrencePhysical Educationla@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Miss M LiddleEnglishld@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Mr N LalMathematicsll@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Ms J LewisEnglishLW@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Ms D McFarlaneHospitality/Foodsmf@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Mr N NaiduMathematicsnu@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Dr P ParishBiologypa@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Miss N ParkesSocial Sciencepk@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Mr M RedwoodSocial Sciencero@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Mrs A RenshawHard Materialsrn@matcol.govtTeaching Staff
Miss K SteffertBiologysf@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Mrs P StichburyTeacher Totara Learning Centrest@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Mrs M van HeuvenTeacher Totara Learning Centrevh@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Miss N VowlesChemistryVE@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Mr D VenkataiyaMathematicsvn@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Miss T YoungScienceyu@matcol.nzTeaching Staff
Ms J McCartyGuidance Counsellormc@matcol.nzStudent Services
Dr P ParishNZQA Liaisonpa@matcol.nzStudent Services
Mrs J McIntyreInternational Student's Deanmr@matcol.nzInternational Student's Co-ordinators
Mrs K TappinHomestay Managerhomestay@matcol.nzInternational Student Co-ordinators
Mrs K AtkinsonSports Co-ordinatorKIRST@matcol.nzSupport Staff
Ms K Bolton-HamptonGateway Placement Co-ordinatorbh@matcol.nzSupport Staff
Mrs C CobhamCanteen Managercanteen@matcol.nzSupport Staff
Ms K CondellCanteen AssistantSupport Staff
Mr E De KlerkCaretakereddk@matcol.nzSupport Staff
Mr S GreenTeacher AideSupport Staff
Mrs W HilliarScience TechnicianSupport Staff
Mrs K LoubserLibrary Assistantkarl@matcol.nzSupport Staff
Mrs C MaxwellAccounts OfficerChris@matcol.nzSupport Staff
Mrs H MahangaFront Office Receptionisthope@matcol.nzSupport Staff
Mrs J McCormackExecutive Officerjen@matcol.nzSupport Staff
Ms A McDowellTeacher AideSupport Staff
Mr P McKoyGroundsmanSupport Staff
Ms S MilesStudent Receptionistsuemiles@matcol.nzSupport Staff
Mrs S MorganTeacher AideSupport Staff
Mrs M NorrisDatabase Administratormn@matcol.nzSupport Staff
Miss O ShowlerTeacher AideSupport Staff
Mrs K TappinUniform Manageruniforms@matcol.nzSupport Staff
Mr N VeenGardenerSupport Staff
Mrs R WarrenderTeacher AidSupport Staff
Mr A B WiniataCaretaker's AssistantSupport Staff