Mrs Moreton Ends Her Tenure After 23 years service

Mrs Moreton, previouosly known to many as Mrs McGonagle is moving on to an exciting future as her teaching career comes to an end. 23 years service in our school is an amazing contri- bution and one in which Mrs Moreton has fulfilled many roles including..

  •   TIC Tourism—introducing and growing this subject in our schools
  •   International Student Dean
  •   Teacher Librarian
  •   Social Science TeacherWe wish Ms Moreton well and thank her for her service. Mrs Moreton likes a bit of prose and has put together some reflec- tions of her time in our school. Please see the next page for her reflections of her time at Matamata College.


As I reflect on the last twenty three years There was a lot of laughter and the odd tear.

Literally thousands of students have passed through the school have been lucky enough to have my hands full Travel has always been big in my mind
So thankful to teach it, it never was a bind
Our trip to Europe in 1996
Was a massive adventure even though some students got sick
We travelled through nine countries abroad And meeting Royal Beefeaters, we definitely scored.We were invited to the special ceremony of the keys It was at the Tower of London and we paid no fees Switzerland, Austria and Germany called.
We visited Dachau and felt very small.
Back to New Zealand and back in class
Life goes by so very fast.
Being the International Dean was a delight. Twelve years doing that was never a slight Onto the library and being in charge
All I can say is that it was a blast.
Time now to move on before getting too old Going to live in France when it’s not cold Thanks to all students and parents as well
I no longer have to move to the bell!
Thanks for the memories
Jacquetta Moreton